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Embark upon an expedition to the very ends of the earth and venture to the remote and breathtakingly beautiful Antarctic Peninsula. A place of inspiration and mystery, Antarctica has enticed many explorers, adventurers and dreamers over the years. Yet historically its isolation and extreme climate have restricted access to all but the most intrepid voyagers and scientists; a voyage here is a truly unique and personally enriching experience.

Following exhaustive research and thorough planning, a route is designed and a strategy set into place to utilise the finest logistics available (including private aircraft, helicopters, and a world-class luxury yacht) for this once in a lifetime Antarctic expedition.

Fly by private jet to King George Island in the South Shetlands, then fly by helicopter to your private expedition yacht anchored in a dramatic location. Navigate between magnificent mountainous islands along iceberg-strewn coastal passages and explore the interior by helicopter, on foot, and on skis. Encounter spectacular Antarctic wildlife, alongside expert high-latitude guides; from vast colonies of curious chinstrap and Adélie penguins, to fascinating sea birds including wandering albatross, skuas, terns, and giant petrels. Practice your photography on leopard, crabeater, weddell and southern elephant seals.

Or make a first ascent on a mountain summit; dive beneath the ice into the eerie underworld; stargaze with zero light pollution to see starscapes like no other from the deck, or during a specially arranged luxury camp onshore; fly on for a mini-expedition to either the South Pole, or to contemplate a life on the ice amongst a huddle of emperor penguins.

An extraordinarily empowering and very personal journey meticulously planned to avoid any sign of other human beings.