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Step back in time and retrace the great routes of the spice traders and of Alfred Wallace's epic voyages of discovery. An adventurous journey, taking you to remote and untouched islands off the Indonesian archipelago, a paradise where time has stood still.

Along the way there is abundant marine wildlife to explore and fascinating indigenous cultures to encounter. Cruise in complete privacy, comfort and style aboard an authentic and luxurious phinisi private yacht, following a route we will tailor entirely to reflect your interests and passions.

Arriving in West Papua by private jet or scheduled flight we will whisk you away by helicopter to give a you a scenic birds' eye view of this fantastic region with turquoise seas covered in steep and verdant limestone islands. Rendezvous with the yacht in a secluded and idyllic bay and set sail on your voyage to discover the incredible beauty and diversity of this unique region.

Snorkel, earn your first stripes as a scuba diver, or push your boundaries underwater with more challenging explorations of uncharted dive spots. With a leading marine conservationist and professional photographer by your side, encounter mantas, whale sharks and other large pelagic species, or pursue tasseled wobbegong, tiny pygmy sea horses, or hairy orang-utan shrimp which you can barely see with the naked eye.

Then venture onshore and join our social anthropologist on a mini-expedition to meet indigenous tribes living on the very edge of the world as we know it. Witness unique customs and traditions unchanged through thousands of years and join colourful celebrations.

Throughout your cruise we will surprise you with creative touches, charming gifts, and romantic set ups at every turn to ensure your time together onboard will be unforgettable.