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Blend fascinating ancient history with an extraordinary cruise through the Aegean on a state of the art superyacht.

In a surprise encounter with Hermes, your family discover that they are 'the chosen ones' to help save the Gods of Greece, and gifted with maps and gifts, are encouraged to travel to Greece and help uncover a long-lost hoard of undiscovered gold.

What follows is an epic quest in the truest sense, where a series of extraordinary discoveries and escapades, magical encounters with wonderful monsters, gods, and goddesses bring Homer's accounts of Greek mythology alive, but also strategically links the best of the Greek Islands.

While the adults relax onboard a superyacht in private anchorages amongst stunning scenery, the children engage with a cast of hundreds, led by a characterful professor of Greek mythology.

Side by side with Zeus, the Minotaur, Cyclops, the Medusa, the Sirens, and the Hydra, the children solve riddles and complete trials, including learning to fight like a Spartan, and competing in the ancient disciplines of the Olympics. The quest concludes stunningly in the discovery of the massive hoard of gold the children have been searching for.