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Entertain your friends with a long weekend in Marrakech, and literally sweep them off their feet on a magical carpet ride adventure.

Your guests arrive at the palace to discover an invitation, written in rhyme, on their beds. Laid beside is a business card for a tailer extraordinaire; 'creator of beautiful clothes for magical journeys'. Venturing into the medina, your friends make their way through the labyrinth of streets. Discovering a shop front marked with the a brass sign, their custom-designed logo, they don 'magical' clothes - silk outfits, created bespoke for each guest. They step through a door... to an astonishing surprise.

The square opens to a scene set long ago, with hundreds of people dressed in robes, flaming torches, sweet exotic scents of rose and myrrh, drums and donkeys, strange people chanting and wailing with golden teapots raised high on poles. It transpires that the local people have lost their genie and believe your guests can help! A quest of three fantastical days unfurls, each followed by a night of celebration in different venues, preceded by enigmatic invitations.

Dressed as a Touareg in the desert and transported by either camel, horse, 4x4 or quad, your guests discover a custom-built Berber camp with exotic tents and a host of fascinating performances including snake charmers, belly dancers and fire eaters and more.

For the final twist in the tale, during an incredible magic-themed celebration, a traditional musician plays a haunting melody and sorcerers bewitch to set the scene for a remarkable illusion, featuring a magic carpet flying through the sky above the gardens and landing to reveal the genie - a surprise guests of honour, engulfed in smoke to the roaring applause of your guests and the locals alike.

Morocco's contrasting and mysterious lands are complimented by its warm and accommodating people, its exotic tastes, smells and sensations, and its vivid beauty. Setting the perfect backdrop for any kind of creatively-themed adventure...