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On Valentine’s Day in the ‘Eternal City’ of Rome - one of the world’s most beautiful and romantic capitals - the magic of this unique honeymoon commenced. In Italy, Saint Valentine’s ‘keys’ are given as a romantic symbol and are an invitation to unlock the giver’s heart. We created a honeymoon marque that combined the couple’s initials to form a key, with ‘keys’ playing a major part in the honeymoon. 8 locations or chapters, 8 keys in total.

On Valentines morning, a butler delivers a pile of gifts; from elegant hand-written cards with special poems, to flower bouquets, chocolates, and beautifully wrapped gifts. One gift is an old, ornate key, tagged with an address, another is a large package containing glamorous costumes, elaborate masks, and a message to “be ready at 8!”.

That evening a horse and carriage awaits, and the couple is chauffeured to a spectacular palace. The old key happens to fit the door and revealed is a magical world set in Renaissance Italy, each doorway alive with court jesters, musicians, dancers. Rose petals lead up a grand staircase, where an orchestra plays and a stunning dinner table is set in a banqueting hall.

An exquisite jewelry box, intricately carved with the special honeymoon marque, sits on the table… the key fits it. Inside are 8 compartments, a stunning piece of diamond jewelry, and another small key with a label written 'Hemingway’s, Key West'. The clue to the next chapter of this exciting and elaborately planned honeymoon.

This romantic opening sets the scene for the epic, multi-continent honeymoon that follows. In each chapter, the couple discovers keys, which open up gateways into magical worlds and spectacular events, that in turn leads to the discovery of wonderful gifts.

Enjoying many extraordinary experiences in Italy including exclusivity to the Sistine Chapel, the couple next fly to Miami. Here, they race ultra-sleek Porsche cigarette boats and rendezvous with their helicopter for a thrilling fly low-level flight to Key West. The key here opens a door for the couple to walk into the life of legendary Ernest Hemingway and enjoy a lively celebration complete with musicians and dancers. Then to St.Barths for kayaking, canyoning, windsurfing and cliff-diving, where their key opens a mansion’s gates to reveal a Caribbean carnival with a voodoo twist.

Next to board a superyacht for a relaxing cruise around the Caribbean, where an encounter with a mermaid reveals a box containing an ancient map. This leads the pair to an exciting run-in with a pirate ship, the legendary Black Beard, and an evening of revelry amongst pirates!

Snowmobiling and dog sledding in Aspen leads to an ‘unusual house in the woods’ where the honeymooners must help dwarfs save Snow White. Then in New York, they walk into a Mafia standoff, help dissolve murderous intensions, which leads to an evening of 20’s themed celebration and entertainment including live music, fully costumed performers and a thematic dinner.

Their story culminates in Paris, where the couple, dressed in the style of Louis XIV open a grand palace door to reveal spectacular finale celebrations.