Urwerk UR-220

UR202 Falcon Project
Rotative carousel with 3D Cubes, retrograde hand, Counter of months to indicate when the oil needs to be changed
Case Material:
81 layers of Carbon
Limited edition:
20 pieces per year


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Few luxury watch brands capture the look and feel of science fiction as well as Urwerk. Even among the rarified and fantastical ranks of haute horlogerie, Urwerk has built a product line over the last several years that would feel more at home on the bridge of a Romulan Warbird than it would with anything else coming out of Switzerland. When the brand announced earlier this year that it would be discontinuing its signature wandering hours UR-210 collection, it left a gap in the lineup that enthusiasts were eager to see filled. Now, after several months of uncertainty, Urwerk has returned to the wandering hours concept with the revamped UR-220, known internally during development as the “Falcon Project.