L’Epee 1839 – Python pistol

L’Epee 1839 & The Unnamed Society
Pistol – Python cross
8 days power reserve, mechanical winding
Limited edition:
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This timeless and unique masterpiece has not only succeeded in flawlessly combining elegance and practicality but also owns a rich story behind:

Icon of the Mexican revolution, Pancho Villa has been captured many times with his rotating cannon Colt Bisley; as a revolver, it stands for an intricate mechanism with an aura of danger. As Pancho Villa’s revolver, it stands for the power of revolution, and every revolution is founded on values.

The combination of a pistol and time rightly symbolizes the preciousness of every moment and the speed at which it can be stolen. In this glorious creation, ‘Pistol’ wonderfully beautifies the time through a seductive design and by means of a fascinating technical development.

Holding a power reserve of 8 days and fitted with a singular butt, ‘Pistol’ is set with a canon that will be used as the rewinding point for the movement – as the owner cleans their gun each week – a functional hammer and trigger – mixing form and function has always been part of L’Epée DNA  – a barrel for the hours and minutes who can be set directly, such as a sniper checking the free rotation of the barrel...